Tami's Tidbit's

Accept No Substitutes

John 14:6, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the only way to real life (salvation). No one can come to the Father (salvation) except through Me."

Let me paint a picture in your mind for a moment, I am holding a package of sugar substitue. Lets say it's Sweet and Low. Let's open it up and pour it out into our hands. It looks like sugar and it's sweet like sugar but it isn't the real deal, it isn't sugar, it's a substitue. Many people today, even some preacher's will tell you there are many ways to God the father (salvation). They might say you can have your sins forgiven and be sure of heaven by believing this idea or following that person. This is a substitute for the real deal...The idea that living a "good" life will satisfy the need for a real Savior is just a substitute for the real deal, (refer to scripture above.) Of course we should live good lives, but that alone will not allow us to make heaven. No person dead or alive can take away your sins except the real savior, Jesus Christ. Substitute saviors may look and sound good and even claim to save, but only Jesus can bring true repentence/ remission  of sin. If you've tried the substitutes out there, offered by others and came up empty and dissatisfied, still in the same mess as before, can I offer you the "real deal", Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. He loves you and paid a dear price to be the real savior for us. Won't you allow the "real deal" that changed my life and will change yours if you will let Him, into your life? Accept no substitutes, and taste and see that the "real deal" is Jesus Christ and His unmeasurable love for you will bring change in your life if you will but ask. Say this with me, "Lord Jesus, I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I choose to follow and submit and surrender my life to your will, plan and purpose for me. I will no longer follow the enemy's instruction in my life, but at this very moment I give my life to you. Thank you for saving me and making me clean and whole in Jesus name, amen." If you just prayed that prayer might I be the first to say, Welcome to the family of God!! Im so excited for you and scripture says the angels in heaven are rejoicing over you. 1 simple next step- find a good bible believing church and be faithful to attend and become a part of that family. Of course I'm gonna suggest you come see us here at Word of LIfe., where we preach the real word of God and not substitutes!!! Smile Jesus loves you and He's the "real deal" you can always count on Him..