Tami's Tidbit's

Deliver or Develope?

"When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned." Isa. 43:2

Before God changes our circumstances, He often uses them to change us! Yes, He's promised to deliver us from trouble, but not necessarily in our timing or the way we think He should. God wants to do more than just deliver us, He wants  to develope us into His likeness, image and nature, into the fullness of our God-given potential. God doesn't  work in minutes, hours or days, but in seasons. The refiner know the ore must stay in the refining fire long enough to become purified gold just as the potter knows the clay must stay in the kiln to become strengthened and refined. The potter knows how long to keep the clay on the wheel to become a thing of value, beauty and usefulness. Trust God; He knows what He's doing in you. Be patient, while God is working in you, developing you into something of great beauty and value and usefulness. When you get through the experience, you'll look back and thank Him for the things He used to develope you.