Tami's Tidbit's


"I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Phil. 4:11-13 

Discontenment is a trap that can ensnare you and rob you of your joy and fulfillment. Thats why the bible says you must learn to be content, no matter what the circumstances. There will always be something bigger and better, someone more talented or wealthier than you out there. That's not to imply you should be satisfied with being enslaved by debt, destructive habits, or settle for complacency and mediocrity and not fulfill the call of God on your life. You must keep working to improve yourself, while remaining totally dependent on God to bless and promote you and meet your needs. Contentment means not coveting another persons position, possessions, or personality. Your security and self worth should be based on who you are in Christ, not what you do or dont possess in the natural. Paul stated it well in Phil. 4:11-13. Each day you have a choice to make regarding your attitude, make it wisely based on the word of God and what it says about you and your life.