Tami's Tidbit's

Follow the Leader
As a little child, did you ever play "follow the leader"? It was so much fun...You didn't have to worry about where you were going, you just had to follow the leader. Did you know life is just a big game of "follow the leader"? Just stay close to Jesus. There was a time in Peters life when he stopped following Jesus closely (Luke 22:54). Peter was more concerned about what people thought than following Jesus. Peter even denied Jesus but Jesus never denied Peter! Jesus wants to lead us through this life successfully but we must stick close to His leading and guiding hand. He is after all called the Good Shepherd (John 10:11). If we want to do well playing "follow the leader", we must forget going in our own direction and surrender to Jesus leadership and guidance in our lives. Following Jesus is easy! All you need to do is: *Give up your own way, * Learn about Jesus way by reading His word- the bible daily, *Stay close to Jesus by worship, fellowship and prayer. Don't worry about the rest, just follow this great and loving leader. He died on Calvary to prove His great love for you...who else do you know that has done this for you? Ask Christ into you heart today and find a good church family to attend such as the one here at Word of Life Church.