Our Story

How it all started...

Word of Life Church is an Interdenominational Full Gospel Ministry. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ instituted the local church for the primary purpose of uniting believers in fellowship and empowering the body for the work of the Kingdom. Our vision is to fulfill Christ's command to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” We do this by showing and sharing the Love of God to all people. Our desire to accomplish this is to Lead by Example. Therefore our mission statement is to Lead People into an Authentic Relationship with Jesus Christ.
Word of Life Church of Garden City, KS was founded in December of 1982. The first services were held at the Optimist Club building with about 30 people in attendance. The church was then moved to the Hilton Inn where the ballroom was rented to facilitate the growing crowd. In January of 1984, the church began renting a building at 518 N. 11th Street and within three years, purchased the building.
In 1984, 4.4 acres of land was donated to the church that would serve as its future building sight and new location. On August 9, 1987, at 3004 North 3rd Street Garden City, a groundbreaking ceremony was held, and actual construction began in October. On February 12, 1989, the first service was held and has continued at this location.
Word of Life Church will continue to be a source of spiritual life for not only Garden City but the surrounding areas and the far corners of the globe until Jesus comes. The Bible tells us that the work that Christ has begun in us, He will also keep and fulfill until the day of our Lord!

To Know God, Not Just About Him...

Our goal at Word of Life Church is not just to change people’s minds about church… but change people’s minds about God. The common thinking may just be (but may not always be put into words): If there is a God, He’s either uninterested, or angry at me. He’s judgmental, silent, distant, absent when I need Him. Or, He only shows up when I do something that doesn’t fit within His narrow rules in order to punish or judge me or make me feel guilty. He’s definitely not FOR me. Well, here at Word of Life we want to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to God and have a conversation about some of these misconceptions about WHO God is. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10:15 a.m.